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Dennis Lewin Performing Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy










Guess who at 1?






My Mom, Ricky, Dennis and Debbie (1964)

Guess which one is me ...






15 years old practicing Beethoven






Yes ..... that is Frank Amato in the Speedo






Tommy Amato, Cindy Sawyer, Eddie Marshall and Dennis






Eric Carmen and Dennis play Rachmaninoff 1982







Jonathan Caine  from Journey with Dennis at "The Restaurant" 1984







Dennis, Paul Fayrewether, Todd Rundgren, Stutz Bearcat, Jerry Shirley, Alan Greene







Live with Beau Coup at the "Front Row" show 1987






That's right ....... To Dennis Sincerely Oscar Peterson






Look closely and you will see Indians, Browns, Models and Beau Coup








Live with "Beau Coup"






Live at "Hyde Park" 1996






(This is where the music came from)

 My father Ellis and my grandfather Joseph playing 4 hands in the 1950's






Sonny Geraci and Dennis play "Precious and Few"

Live on Mike Trivissono's WTAM 1100 Radio Show

for "Coats for Kids"







Debi and Dennis Hyde Park 1996







My Brother "Ricky" jams with Debbie and I at "Hyde Park" 1996








My Angel Glenn 1995-2010 with me in 2001









My beautiful Mom and Glenn 1996














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